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pile of excess lumber in a closeup shot

Around The Home Ideas For Using Leftover Lumber

Just finished a woodworking project and got some leftover lumber? Rather than throwing it away, why not put it to use? There are many small projects around the home that don’t require too much timber to complete. Check out this guide below on what to do with leftover lumber.


Leftover lumber could be great for turning into shelving. This could be anything from a single floating shelf to a more intricate shelving unit. You can explore all kinds of shelving designs online. Don’t be afraid of using different types of wood - once assembled, you can always paint the scraps the same colors to maintain a sense of harmony.

Accent wall

You could also consider using leftover lumber as wooden wall paneling. A popular option is to cut wood into long strips and place them vertically or horizontally across a wall. Alternatively, if you’re feeling more ambitious, you could look at geometric patterns. This is a great way to spice up an otherwise empty wall in your home.


If you don’t have a headboard on your bed, why not create your own? Vertical or horizontal strips of wood arranged on a bedroom wall can make for a cozy and rustic DIY headboard, giving you something to lean on while you sit up in bed. You could even padding or cushions to these.

Plant boxes

You could also consider making your own mini wooden plant pots out of leftover lumber. Greater amounts of leftover lumber could even be used to create your own raised beds. Such plant boxes could be placed indoor or outdoors - when placing them outdoors, make sure that the wood is treated with a weatherproof sealant.


Another fun little project to consider could be a DIY wooden clock. This can be made by simply cutting a circle out of wood and then buying your own clock parts to attach to it. Such clocks can have a charming rustic look and can be a great decorative statement feature in a room.

Laptop stand

Need to increase the height of your laptop on a desk? Creating a little laptop stand to prop your laptop on could be a solution. You can also create laptop stands to use while sat in bed (these can also make great mini food tables for breakfast in bed). You can decide exactly how large you want the stand to be.

Mini footstool

You could also use leftover lumber to create a mini footstool for putting your feet up while on the sofa or working at a desk. Creating a footstool yourself allows you to decide the ideal height. You could even make it hollow, allowing you to store items in it.

Bath caddy

Bath caddies are wooden trays that sit over the tub. They’re great for holding all kinds of items while you bathe including candles, bath products, a tablet, a book or even a glass of wine. All you need is a single thick plank of wood with some indentations to help hold items. Some waterproof sealant treatment could also be worthwhile to prevent water damage.

Picture frames

Leftover lumber could even be used to create your own picture frames. Not only can you save money buying frames, but you can design frames to look exactly how you want. You could even make your own multi-photo frames for arranging lots of pictures. You could even maintain a rustic look to make the frame stand out.

Coat rack

If you’ve got a leftover wooden board to hand, you could consider attaching this to a wall and then screwing some coat hooks to it. This can be a great DIY feature to add to a hallway if you haven’t got anywhere to hang coats. Coat racks can also be great for placing in the cupboard or even on the back of a kitchen door (useful for baking aprons and oven mitts).

Mounted bottle opener

A wooden board on a wall could also be turned into a mounted bottle opener. You can buy metal bottle opener inserts for screwing to a wall online very cheaply. Such a bottle opener could be great for attaching to a kitchen wall or even an outside wall in your backyard if you have lots of outdoor parties. Such a feature doesn’t require much wood at all.


Leftover lumber could also be turned into a small birdhouse to encourage local birds to nest in your backyard. This birdhouse could be attached to an outdoor wall or even nailed to a tree. Birdhouses don’t just attract local wildlife, but can also serve as charming outdoor features that will make your backyard look more pretty. It’s up to you as to which design you choose and which colors you use - just make sure it’s big enough for a bird to comfortably get into.

Kids’ bench

A full size bench may require a bit more lumber, but a kids’ bench may be manageable if you’ve got a few leftover boards. This could be a cute backyard feature or nursery accessory that could be worth building if you’ve got kids or grandkids. You could even let your kids choose paint colors and let them join in when painting it.

closeup of a slatted wooden cornhole board with brown and black bags

Cornhole board

Another fun way to use up leftover lumber could be to create a cornhole board for playing cornhole outdoors. You can create as many holes as you want in it and even get creative with colors and patterns. Beanbags can meanwhile be bought online. Other fun backyard games like quoits can also be constructed using leftover lumber.

Wooden sign

Leftover lumber could also be ideal for turning into a DIY wooden sign. This could be a simple wooden board with letters painted or drawn on. Alternatively, you could carve lettering into the wood or add metal stencil letters. Such a sign could be placed outside the front of your home, in your backyard or somewhere around your home with an inscription of your choice. DIY signs are particularly fun above outdoor bars.

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