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DIY Projects Any Homeowner Can Tackle

One of the best parts about owning a home is that you get to make it your own. You may be a bit hesitant to tackle DIY projects if you’re a beginner. However, know that with a little knowledge, some great ideas, and a positive attitude anything is possible.

The more you tackle small projects on your own the better you’ll get as time goes on. Your first order of business is to gather some suggestions as to what you can be doing yourself. Here you can review some DIY projects any homeowner can tackle.

Put Up Wallpaper

You may look around and notice that your paint is outdated or your walls are boring. In this case, one idea is to put up some wallpaper yourself. It comes in a variety of colors and designs and will certainly enhance the look and feel of any room. It’s also a great way to add texture to your rooms. All you have to do is measure the wall and then the wallpaper itself is quite easy to apply.

Add A Kitchen Backsplash

Another DIY home project you may want to think about tackling is putting up a backsplash in your kitchen. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home so doing something to make it more inviting can increase its value - both financially and from the perspective of further enjoying your space. You can pick out the tile or material at the store and then start measuring and cutting the pieces that you can then stick to your wall in areas such as behind the sink. Backsplashes are a decorative enhancement but also serve the purpose of protecting the wall better.

Install New Flooring

You want your home to look updated and this means paying attention to your flooring. If you have stained and old carpet then it might be time to rip it out and put in some new flooring. One idea is to install vinyl flooring yourself. It’s a very sturdy option that is good to have in a home that gets a lot of foot traffic from kids and pets. All you need is the proper tools as it is fairly easy to cut. It’s important you measure correctly for how much you’ll need to order and that the floor is level when you are ready to place down each board.

Refinish Furniture

You may have decided to keep old furniture because you like it and don’t want to necessarily get rid of it. However, it may be outdated and dragging down the look and feel of your rooms. Therefore, one project you can tackle yourself as a homeowner is to refinish, reupholster, or paint your old pieces of furniture. One option that will make a big impact is to stain a light table a darker color. It’s a great way to spruce up some old pieces such as a coffee table or end tables.

Replace Old Hinges

You may not realize it but the hinges in your home may be making your home look older than it is. Therefore, one DIY project to tackle yourself is to replace old door and cabinet hinges. All you may need is the new pieces and to invest in a cordless drill. Replacing hinges in areas like your kitchen can instantly make the room appear more modern.

Replace Torn & Old Window Screens

You may have some window screens that have holes or tears in them. Therefore, it may be time to consider replacing these altogether. It may be from a fallen branch or maybe it’s just natural wear and tear over time. If there are just small areas to repair then you may just be able to patch them up. However, bigger tears and cuts may require that you replace the entire window screen. It’s especially important for keeping bugs and insects from entering your home. It’s a fairly inexpensive project to tackle but will help make your home a better place to live.

Install Floating Shelves

You may come to realize that you could use more storage in your home. One idea is to add it to the walls so that you can display or keep certain items out of the way without taking up more floor space. You can cut and build these shelves yourself and then all you need to do is figure out a place to hang them such as in the bathrooms. They also can look nice and be useful when placed in the kitchen. You’ll be glad to know they are inexpensive to make.

Paint an Accent Wall

When you’re looking for DIY projects to tackle yourself then you may want to consider getting out the paint. You don’t always have to paint the entire walls in every room. Instead, you may wish to paint an accent wall using a particular color. Be sure to bring home some paint samples to put on the walls to test it out before you decide on a final color. If you don’t want to use paint then another option is to create a wood accent wall with board and batten.

Plant A Garden

The outside or exterior of your home should matter to you as well. You want it to look nice and put together. One way to spruce up the backyard is to plant a garden or have a vertical wall with hanging plants. You may also want to hang some plants from the ceiling in and around your home. Having a garden to attend to will give you a good excuse to spend extra time outdoors when the weather cooperates. You may want to consider planting herbs and food in your garden that you can pick and eat in the summertime.

Paint the Front Door

If you’re looking for a DIY project you can tackle yourself then look at your front door. Apply a fresh coat of paint to it in a color that pops and looks good with your exterior. It’s a great way to add some cheer to your home and make it more welcoming. As part of the prep process, you’ll want to sand, wash, and dry the surface. You’ll also want to make sure you apply a coat or two of primer. In most cases, you’ll want to remove the hinges from the door before you start painting it.

Replace an Old Faucet or Vanity

You may not think you can tackle this on your own but you’d be surprised. All you have to do is watch a few video tutorials on how to replace an old faucet or vanity and then you’ll be ready to roll up your sleeves. Look for a faucet with the same hole configuration to make this project a bit easier on yourself. Of course, remember to shut the water off before you get started replacing a faucet. This update can make a big difference in rooms such as your kitchen and bathrooms. When replacing an old vanity just remember to measure properly to ensure a good fit with the new one.

Frame A Mirror

One way to decorate and add dimension to any room is with a mirror. Mirrors are great pieces to hang in a foyer or entryway or in your living room or bedroom. You can save some money buying the mirror when you choose to frame it yourself. You’ll need to measure the outside of the mirror and make sure you purchase enough material for framing it. You may need to invest in a table saw or miter box to make the proper cuts for the corners. You can use silicone glue to make sure it’s properly put together and will hold over time.

Caulk & Seal Drafts

If you feel like being handy then consider getting out the caulk. You can use it to seal drafts that may be present in your windows or doors. You can also think about caulking areas such as the area around the bathtub. Think about taping the area before you caulk so that you don’t get any caulk on the walls. It will help to invest in a caulk gun so you can apply it properly and easily. Make sure you only apply thin lines of caulk and that you let it sit and dry for at least 24 hours.

Place Solar Lights Outside

You can also work on the exterior of your home while you’re in the midst of doing home projects. One idea is to place out solar lights to illuminate the outside better. These are great to use for lighting up a pathway or walkway, for example. If you have a pool then you can also place them around this area or in your garden.

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

When coming up with projects you can do yourself consider working in the kitchen. The kitchen is an important room that you want to appear more modern. In this case, think about painting your kitchen cabinets yourself. Consider using a color that will pop and make a difference if you’re going to go to the hassle and work of painting them yourself.


These are some starting points for you to consider as a homeowner wanting to perform some work yourself. There are many additional DIY home improvement projects and ideas to think about but this is at least a way to get you thinking in the right direction. Most importantly, have fun with it and be proud of yourself for tackling these types of projects on your own.

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