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collection of bathroom cleaning supplies against a tile wall

Best Tub, Tile and Shower Cleaning Supplies

The cleanliness of a bathroom and shower is a good indicator of the cleanliness of the rest of the house. After all, these are the spaces we expected to clean ourselves, but how could we do so with unclean bathroom utilities?

Luckily, with the right products, this household responsibility never has to feel like an uphill battle. From the quick spray-downs to the full in-depth cleans, ensuring your bathroom is beautifully cared for is as simple as using the right products (and also knowing how to use them).

WET & FORGET Vanilla Scent Shower Cleaner 1 Gal Liquid

The WET & FORGET Vanilla Scent Shower Cleaner is your go-to for maintaining a fresh and clean shower with almost effort at all. This cleaner is designed to be sprayed on your shower surfaces and left to work its magic, which means there’s no scrubbing required! It targets soap scum, grime, and mildew, making it perfect for busy individuals who want an effective solution without spending too much time scrubbing or standing in a dirty shower. Plus, the vanilla scent leaves your bathroom smelling lovely.

How to use it: Simply spray the cleaner on your shower surfaces once a week and rinse off the next day.

X-14 Mildew Stain Remover 1 Gal

If you’re battling stubborn mildew stains, the X-14 Mildew Stain Remover is one of the best weapons in your arsenal. This product is specially formulated to tackle the toughest mildew stains on grout, tiles, and even shower curtains. It works quickly, breaking down mildew and mold in minutes, and that makes it ideal for deep cleaning sessions and for homes in humid environments where mildew is a constant frustration.

How to use it: Spray directly onto the stained area, wait a few minutes, and then rinse or wipe away. It’s strong, so use it in well-ventilated areas.

WEIMAN Citrus Scent Stone And Tiler Cleaner 32 Oz Liquid

The WEIMAN Citrus Scent Stone and Tile Cleaner is perfect for those with natural stone surfaces in their bathrooms. It gently cleans without leaving streaks or residue which could ruin the aesthetic, and its pH-balanced formula ensures your stone surfaces stay pristine and undamaged on a deeper level, too. The fresh citrus scent is a welcome bonus, leaving your bathroom smelling clean and inviting.

How to use it: Spray on your stone surfaces and wipe with a clean cloth. Suitable for daily cleaning to keep your tiles and stones looking great!

MAGIC Citrus Scent Glass And Mirror Cleaner 28 Oz Spray

There’s nothing worse than streaky mirrors after cleaning, and so for streak-free mirrors and glass, the MAGIC Citrus Scent Glass and Mirror Cleaner is a top pick. This cleaner cuts through grime and fingerprints, leaving your mirrors and glass surfaces spotless - perfect if you have children in the house! It’s also great for anyone who wants their bathroom to look bright and clean. It’s citrus with a simple scent, meaning it refreshes the room but doesn’t overpower it.

How to use it: Spray directly onto the glass or mirror and wipe clean with a clean cloth. Perfect for quick touch-ups and regular maintenance.

REJUVENATE Grout And Tile Cleaner 32 Oz

Grout can be one of the trickiest parts of the bathroom to clean, but the REJUVENATE Grout and Tile Cleaner makes it simple. This cleaner penetrates deep into grout lines to remove dirt and grime, restoring your tiles to their original beauty, even on tiles that seem like a lost cause. It’s a great choice for anyone dealing with heavily layered grout or wanting to give their bathroom a thorough clean. For this reason, it’s also a popular choice for those who clean commercial bathrooms or locker-room shower areas.

How to use it: Spray onto the grout lines, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with a brush before rinsing off with water. You can then use an alternate cleaner to disinfect the area if needed.

GRANITE GOLD Clean Scent Shower Cleaner 24 Oz Liquid

GRANITE GOLD Clean Scent Shower Cleaner is designed specifically for beautiful stone showers, and that’s because this cleaner effectively removes soap scum and hard water deposits without scratching or dulling your stonework of such a well-designed shower space. Keeping up a stone shower for the first time can feel a little intimidating, but luckily this product is there to help. It’s ideal for those who have invested in a stone shower and want to keep it looking new.

How to use it: Spray directly onto the stone surfaces and wipe with a soft, clean cloth. Use it regularly to maintain the natural beauty of your stone shower and always turn to directly formulated products like this for such unique installations.

SCRUBBING BUBBLES Dissolve Fresh Scent Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner Liquid 0.56 Oz

The SCRUBBING BUBBLES Dissolve Fresh Scent Concentrated Bathroom Cleaner is a compact product and concentrated, but has a real effect. This tiny pack “packs” a punch, effectively cleaning all bathroom surfaces from tiles to tubs. Its concentrated formula means you only need a small amount mixed with water to get the job done, making it a great choice for those with limited storage space or looking for a travel-friendly option.

How to use it: Mix with water as directed and apply to surfaces. Scrub and rinse for a clean, fresh-smelling bathroom. The package also contains refills meaning they’re cheap to purchase in bulk and use for a variety of purposes.

KABOOM Oxiclean Fresh Clean Scent Bathroom Cleaner 19 Oz Foam

KABOOM Oxiclean Fresh Clean Scent Bathroom Cleaner does something a little differently from some of the products on this list, and that’s blending the power of Oxiclean with the convenience of a spray foam. This cleaner clings to surfaces, allowing the active ingredients to break down tough stains and grime. The spray also makes direct, accurate application as easy as, well, cleaning a shower well. For that reason, it’s reliable for deep cleaning sessions and works well on a variety of surfaces including tiles, tubs, and sinks in many different bathrooms.

How to use it: Spray the foam on the dirty surfaces, let it sit for a few minutes, then scrub and rinse.

9 ELEMENTS Eucalyptus Scent Bathroom Cleaner Liquid 18 Oz

Natural cleaning products are all the rage recently, and for those who prefer them, the 9 ELEMENTS Eucalyptus Scent Bathroom Cleaner is a fantastic option. This cleaner uses vinegar and essential oils to tackle bathroom grime without harsh chemicals or the artificial scents you might be used to. The eucalyptus scent is of course welcome, making your bathroom cleaning experience more pleasant.

How to use it: Spray onto surfaces and wipe clean. It’s gentle yet effective, perfect for those who want a natural approach to cleaning. Because of its natural blend, it’s also easier to use this for people who may have sensitive skin, although always check with your doctor before using any product.

SCRUBBING BUBBLES Citrus Scent Antibacterial Wipes 36 Ct 1 Pk

Sometimes, you don’t have the time for a full wipe down and clean of the bathroom. That’s totally fine! When you need a quick and easy clean, SCRUBBING BUBBLES Citrus Scent Antibacterial Wipes are a great and helpful alternative. These wipes are convenient for quick touch-ups and are perfect for keeping your bathroom surfaces hygienic, and that also includes sinks or surface tops in your kitchen. They kill 99.9% of bacteria and leave a citrus scent, making them ideal for busy households or those who just wish to remove toothpaste stains from their sink enamel.

How to use it: Simple, just pull out a wipe and use it to clean whatever surface is compatible. Dispose of the wipe in the bin after use. Keeping them with you can be ideal, even when traveling!


With these top-notch cleaning products from Durham Building Materials, keeping your bathroom clean and fresh has never been easier. Each product is designed to tackle specific cleaning challenges, ensuring you have the right option for every job. Moreover, filling your cleaning cupboard with a range of products suggested here grants you supplies for every possible purpose!

Browse Durham Building Materials’ Vast Library Today!

You can explore our extensive range of cleaning supplies and find the perfect products to keep your home sparkling clean. Our friendly team is always here to offer specific recommendations if you need them, and answer any questions you may have. Visit us today and make bathroom cleaning a cool, clean, beautiful breeze!

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