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closeup of a woodworker laying out lumber

DIY Projects with Spare Lumber

There is something super satisfying about completing a job using lumber but what do you do when you have leftover wood? DIY projects that use spare lumber are a great way to use that leftover wood and the best thing about it is that you can do SO many new things with the scraps. Scrap wood projects can be of any shape and size and you can guarantee that there will be something that you can make either to gift elsewhere, or for your own house.

There are countless spare lumber projects to choose from, too, which gives you plenty to think about when it comes to making something beautiful. Whether you want to add some rustic charm to your home, organize your space with more storage or you want to create a unique piece of art, there are options out there to cover everyone. So, with this in mind, we’ve put together some inspiring ideas for do it yourself spare lumber projects that pop.

Wooden Coasters

Simple, stylish and with endless potential, wooden coasters are a great option for scrap wood projects. Coasters can be made from a range of different types of wood and each of those bring their own color, texture and style. All you have to do is cut them down, sand the edges and apply the right finish.

From here, you can either choose to have them in the house and your dining table, or you can use your spare lumber to start a business and sell them. You can personalize them further, too, with awesome wood burning techniques and intricate carvings. You’ll add a little artistry to your home with these artworks in miniature.

Floating Shelves

If you want to expand your storage in your home, floating shelves are a great option. You can create a cool display space without having to take up any floor space, which is perfect for spare lumber projects. You can tailor the shelves to fit any space, too, and even decorate, design and sand them to the right shape.

The minimalist design that comes with floating shelves gives you somewhere to store things without having to compromise on your space. You then end up with a functional space for plants, books or decorative items that you can display all year around. Stain them, paint them, engrave them: your floating shelves can be as stylish as you like!

Planter Boxes

Have you got a keen green thumb? Planter boxes are brilliant for an extra project and you can bet that your home will benefit from the added storage. Spare lumber is all you need to make beautiful planter boxes and they can be customized to fit any space you like, even if you live in an apartment. Smaller window boxes are just as good to build as large backyard planters. When you build your own, you can choose the size, shape and style that suits your needs. The best part is that wooden planter boxes add a natural look to your garden or patio.

Picture Frames

If you love taking pictures, you can really get creative with this one. Picture frames can either be landscape or portrait, circular or square and you can even create collage picture frames to put together pictures of all sizes. You can use different wood and finish types and you can create frames that match your aesthetic no matter what. If you have enough wood, you can create frames before engraving and varnishing them, and then wrapping them as early gifts!

Wooden Bench

Every garden needs something to make it look stylish and a wooden bench is a great project with spare lumber. It’s functional, so once you’ve built it and placed it in the backyard, you’re always going to have somewhere comfortable to sit. Furniture is always an exciting project when you have leftover lumber, and it can add something beautiful to your outside space. It can also be a wonderful memorial bench if you choose it to be. Add some cushions and outdoor blankets and you’ve got the perfect space for relaxation.

Cutting Board

Chopping boards in the kitchen are pretty useful, but a serving board is another matter. You can create wooden cutting boards with maple, walnut and cherry wood. These are ideal because of the durability and the tight grain level. Handmade cutting boards add beautiful craftsmanship to your kitchen and you could make some for others, too. As long as you oil it regularly, you can make a wooden cutting board that will last you for years.

A Wine Rack

If you’re not a wine fan, then you can always use this as a drinks rack! You can create something that sits on top of the counter but if you have enough lumber, you could create a taller one that fits your kitchen space. Wooden wine racks can be preserved, too, to add a warm look to the home. It complements any kitchen or dining area and you can choose the finish and the design for something stylish to add to your home.

A Birdhouse

This is one of those projects that will be great to do with the kids if you have any. Building a birdhouse for your garden from scratch can be done with any size or style, bringing beautiful birds into your garden. Natural wood is the safest to use as it adds decorative fun to your garden and gives something to the wildlife, too.

New Wall Art

Did you know that you could create wall art from leftover lumber? One of the best scrap wood projects you could get started with is engraved wall art. You can express a little creativity, add a personal touch to your decor and even create something that you can look back on for years to come. The possibilities really are endless, and there are so many different wood and staining options. You can add some style to the house and you can even engrave it with important personal dates to make it memorable and artistic.

Outdoor Table

We’ve already mentioned a bench, but what about a table for the outside of your house? An outdoor table that’s been crafted off the back of your scrap wood can feel like a huge achievement because it is! Whether you opt for a smaller bistro table or you create your own picnic table, you can really dive into something beautiful. You can create a table with a waterproof finish and make something that will withstand the elements, too. This gives you a place to gather with your friends and family, and you can create a personalized option with decorative touches that make it more appealing.


If you love to read, you need somewhere to store your books properly. You can go for big or small bookcases, but the point is that you can really customize this design. Whether you prefer something simple or you prefer to make something with doors, you can make a bookshelf that really stands out and meets your needs. You can go for one shelf and a door or you can go for multiple shelves that go floor to ceiling. The type of bookshelf you create will depend on the amount of leftover lumber you have.

Garden Trellis

With the right wood, a garden trellis can be made to support climbing plants and can be an added decorative element to your garden. You can choose something simple and functional, and you can really get creative with the design that you pick. It’ll add structure and beauty to the garden space. You can choose to use different types of wood, too, allowing you to create a trellis that complements your style and color for your garden.

Adirondack Chair

One of the nicest additions you can give to an outdoor space is an Adirondack chair. Comfort, style and iconic design is all you need - that, and scrap lumber. You can relax in the garden, on the porch or by the fire pit. An Adirondack chair lets you customize the size and finish when you build it yourself. You can create a chair that’ll withstand all elements, providing you years of enjoyment and can give you some comfort.

Toy Box

Whether you have a baby on the way or you already have children, building a toy box as part of your scrap wood project is exciting. You can make a charming addition to the nursery or to your childs room. Building the toy box yourself allows you some creative license to decorate in any style you want. You can make it as big as you like, too, which can give you some ample storage for your children’s toys. The best thing about a toy box is that you can create a piece of furniture that could be passed down through the generations.

Spice Rack

Need to add something to the kitchen? A spice rack that you make by hand can add a little rustic touch and if you choose cherry wood as your scrap lumber project, you’ll have a spice rack that really stands out. Using different wood types and stains can help you to match your kitchen style, too. A well designed and made spice rack is going to keep things organized and it will add that decorative element to your kitchen, too.

Dog Bed

If you love your dog, you’ll want to create somewhere for him to sleep that’s comfortable and stylish. A dog bed with leftover wood is going to be a wonderful addition to the house. You can customize it to match the size of the dog you have, too which makes it comfortable for them. Add mattresses and pillows for extra comfort. You can create something that’s both beautiful and functional.

Coffee Table

Your living room could use a facelift and a coffee table could be an excellent addition. Creating a coffee table gives you creative license because you can choose the size, the height and the shape of the table to fit your space. Whether you want something minimalist or or you want something elaborate, it’s totally up to you and you can really get down and creative here.

Jewelry Organizer

Your dressing table can use something like this to organize your bracelets, rings and necklaces. Building your own organizer is fun and you can add hooks, shelves and more to really personalize it. A handmade organizer can be a beautiful addition to your home and you can even make more to give them as gifts or sell them on. Keeping your accessories organized is important and a dressing table can always use more organization.

Coat Rack

A practical and stylish option for your home, a coat rack made from scrap wood is a great addition to the house. You can do either a wall-mounted design or a freestanding piece, but a DIY coat rack is a good storage place for your outerwear. No matter the type of wood you pick, you are adding something beautiful and functional to the house that just makes sense.

Pallet Furniture

Repurposing spare lumber is much easier when it's in pallet form. Creating a unique and functional piece for your home from sofas to bed frames, coffee tables to storage solutions is so much fun! You can use reclaimed pallets that have been treated to add an eco-friendly aspect to your home. You can give your home a rustic and industrial look to the house, and you can customize it with the range of furniture options out there. It’s a versatile and fun way to utilize spare lumber.

So, as you can see, spare lumber can offer you endless possibilities for your home or if you want, as a gifting option for others. You can make fun items or functional items, furniture or storage. Making decorative pieces for your home is just as exciting as making outdoor benches and indoor coffee tables. Gather your lumber and unleash your creativity - something beautiful this way comes.

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