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Selecting the Right Door Style for Your Home

The front door of any home is the first things guest and new buyers see when they approach the property; it also says a lot about your personality in the neighborhood. These are some of the things to think about when choosing a new exterior door for the property. Here are your options.

Wood Doors

If you want a front door that is distinguished, secure, practical, and beautiful, choose a wood door. Wood doors are the original and arguably the best front door choice. Wood doors are available in different styles to suit a variety of tastes, and many of them include a glass of various sizes. The great thing about wood doors is they appeal to most people when selling.

The downside of wood doors is the cost; you can expect to pay a little more for wood doors compared to alternatives like panel doors. That said, wood doors make your home more secure; even with glass in them, they are harder to break into, and they complement most houses. A wooden door will never look out of place when it comes to improving the home’s curb appeal.

Metal Doors

When you think of a metal door, you might think of a heavy door that is poorly insulated and difficult to open and close, but that is not the case. In fact, metal doors are light, flexible, well-insulated, and affordable. If you want a cheaper alternative to a wood door that is durable, beautiful and fits into most neighborhoods, you should definitely consider a metal door option.

A metal front door is not like you might imagine; instead of being solid metal and heavy to shift, they are hollow inside and contain insulating foam. A metal door is also easy to paint, so you can get creative with your front door, whether you intend to stay in the property or sell it to the highest bidder. Metal doors are also more affordable and customizable than solid wooden doors.

Flush Doors

A flush door is a plain door with no decoration that can be made from different materials that will affect the overall price; sometimes, they are made from solid wood, metal, or recycled woodchip. Flush door tends to be used for interiors; they have a modern look that is perfect for apartments and custom homes. Flush doors tend to be painted, varnished, or stained to finish.

If you are refurbishing your home and you want to create a modern aesthetic that appeals to your family and future buyers, choose flush doors. When it comes to selling your home, you need to help the buyers imagine they are already living in the space, so it helps if you have minimal decoration. This is also helpful if you have a rental apartment that has a lot of traffic.

Panel Doors

Panel doors are beautiful and flexible; they can also be used in the interior or exterior of a home. Panel doors are a standard size and typically made from solid wood or hollowed wood. What sets paneled doors apart are the glass panels that are available in four, six, or eight-panel configurations. Panel doors are also easy to paint or stain and appeal to a variety of people.

The downside of panel doors is their security. The glass in panel doors is usually quite tough - it is usually frosted as well - but since there is more of it and it has some proximity to the lock, they can be a concern. That said if you have a suitable security system in your home, you should be able to install panel doors without too much stress about criminal activity in your area.

Barn Doors

If you want a classic door design for the inside or outside of your home, then consider a barn door. In recent years, barn doors have become more popular due to cottage core trends over the past ten years. Not only are barn doors simple and attractive – appealing to most people in search of a suitable home - they also offer plenty of security for your home without any extra.

A barn door is normally made from solid wood with a rough texture - this is part of the design style. A barn door can be set up to open as a conventional door or slide to the side by suspending it from the ceiling. A barn door can be a more affordable alternative to a solid wood door, so definitely consider one of these if a solid wood door is out of your current price range.

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